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10 March 2014 @ 09:54 pm
You know what I would like? To actually find a foundation that matches my skin.

I've been struggling with this for forever now-- See, my problem is that I live in a small town and I don't have many options for shopping. There's an Ulta shop about a mile from Casey's apartment in Cary, but blah. The last time I went into Ulta they recommended Studio Gear's matte foundation. I absolutely adore my Studio Gear foundation. It's so beautifully matte, lasts 10+ hours, and doesn't feel greasy, but...BUT, it doesn't really match my pale skin. It does match close enough to where it isn't noticeable, thankfully.

Why is it so hard to find makeup for pale skintone, though? I went to Clinique about 2 years ago and the lady matched me with something about 3 shades darker and I looked ridiculous.

After doing some research I decided on the Estée Lauder long-wear foundation because it comes in 30 different shades (and is long lasting like Studio Gear).. So, I went in today and ended up being matched to color #1 titled "bone". In the store the lady assured me that it was perfect. Well, I got out into the sun and it looked orange.

At that point I was ready to give up. It's just so frustrating! Do other pale people have this problem?
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